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Cantine de tournage 

We offer a catering service for all audiovisual production sites located between Théoule sur Mer and Nice. Because our services are flexible, we offer you a package made up of just the elements you need. 

This service will enable crew members to eat on site during lunch and dinner breaks. Our shooting canteen is equipped to accommodate a large number of people. Jam offers a variety of hot and cold dishes, as well as options to cater for different crew diets.

Cantine de tournage Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Théoule sur mer

Cantine de tournage côte d'azure



Cocktails are a convivial option for group meals. They offer a wide variety of flavors. This service can be adapted to meet specific dietary needs, such as allergies or dietary restrictions. 

We offer a wide variety of bouché dishes made with quality, seasonal produce! Ideal for a festive end to a shoot!



Our buffet service lets you share convivial moments. An assortment of starters and desserts, hot or cold, but always generous and delicious! We cater for all dietary requirements.


There's nothing like gastronomy to unite your teams - choose the formula that's right for you!


Repas individuel

Our individual meals enable your film crew to eat quickly and easily. 

From cold meal trays to lunch boxes with a hot dish, offer your crew the chance to treat themselves at any time.

Gourmet, mouth-watering flavors and local produce, enjoy quality service for your events.

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